My sweet Kaylee. She’s my crazy one!

kingzncrooks said: Hi. I'm currently doing some marketing research for a new website to launch later this year. This account specifically targets the female plus-size corsets and lingerie market. I would love to get some of your opinions and input.

What kind of questions?

dkhumpdy said: You have mentioned that you want to find a photographer you like - have you thought of taking one under your wing so to speak and training them to shoot you the way you like and then partnering up to shoot other folks like you? Just a thought!

I actually just had an amazing shoot with a photographer I have admired for years! Look up Jay Eads. He does incredible work and I can’t wait to see the images!

dirkman3000 said: You are quite gorgeous but you already know this. Can I follow your blog? maybe your instagram? I like to ask first.

Also you can follow me on Instagram! @vagrantminerva !

dirkman3000 said: Sorry for bothering you again but I have a legit question. If it's out of line I apologize. Do you do any tasteful nudes? Like pin up Betty Page style?

I’ve considered it but I haven’t really jumped into it. I am a full time wedding and portrait photographer so I worry how it would affect my business if people were to link the two together!

Actually been meaning to ask opinions on this. Based on more than people wanting to see the boobies. ;)

dannytillia said: You sent a beautiful picture to hourglassandclass that I can't get over, it's beautiful, and i have to ask where you got that purple dress, i've been looking for one like it for the last year and it's perfect.

It’s a beautiful dress from Bettie Page clothing! It’s discontinued I think. However maybe you can find it on eBay!

What size are you? I might be selling it soon.

gus1224 said: Hi. I have two rats as well. One of mine looks like the black and white one you have

Awe!!! Aren’t they fun? I’m still working on their training. Even down to simple things like taking snacks while on my shoulder.

They don’t like their wheel too much either…I’m wondering if it’s an error on my part. I keep trying to get them to run on it but they just aren’t having it!

Have you taught your rats any tricks?

teamtrill817 said: Omfg you're absolutely stunning ❤️

Thank you! :)

curiouseyesfan said: you are beautiful love with your own unique sparkle thank you for sharing your photos

I try to have a unique sparkle. ;) thank you darling.

bambam10184 said: I'm sure you get this all the time, but I gotta say you are the most beautiful woman I have seen on this blog thus far!

Why thank you so far. The competition is pretty steep so that means a lot. In fact it’s nice to see anyone looking at my little place on the internet.